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Peggy's Handmade Chocolates
Hand crafted in Vancouver, Clark County, Washington, USA!
Gooey, Crunchy, Salty, Sweet Chocolates!
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On Friday and Saturday, I will be at the English Estate Winery for the Wine and Chocolate weekend from 12 to 6 pm. Six tastings are paired with flavored chocolate bits. Very unique! In-stock items, available for quick pick up, will be updated as they are made. Check out the Calendar of Events for details of my 2019 events.

My goal has always been to share delicious chocolates at the lowest prices possible. I use simple packaging but quality ingredients. While I have not raised my prices since 2016, the higher cost of ingredients, packaging, utilities, and events have forced me to raise them now. Most items have been raised only $.25 each for the smaller items and $1 for the larger. Boxes were raised reflecting the increase of individual items. My goal continues to be quality chocolates at the lowest prices I can manage, and I hope you continue to enjoy them. Thank you!
A selection of chocolates are available at my retail locations:   Devine Consign, and Venusso Studio.

Click here for in-stock items for possible quick pick up!

Ever get a box of chocolates with some you don't like?  Wouldn't you like a box of chocolates with exactly what you'd enjoy?   You can get that at Peggy's Handmade Chocolates!  
Special orders can include boxes, bags, or baskets designed the way you want.     
Let me make chocolates for you!

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