Member of the Battle Ground Farmers Market 2005-2010 and the Vancouver Farmers Market 2000-2017.
Peggy's Handmade
Made in Vancouver, Washington, USA!
My processing facility is in the Orchards area of Vancouver, Washington, USA. I personally hand make all of the chocolates. "Peggy's Chocolate Factory" is located on my property and is licensed through the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

After taking a community education class on dipping chocolates over 30 years ago, I started making and giving chocolates to family, friends, and all of our co-workers each Christmas. This is why my logo is Santa and an elf!  Since I never could get the technique for dipping just right, I switched to molds and used a different design for each of the eight flavors I made.

When my husband retired in 2005 and then I retired in 2006, I still wanted to make chocolates for family and friends but no longer had all of those co-workers.  So, in 2007, I got my food permit, found a commercial kitchen to use, and Peggy's Handmade Chocolates became a business.  Many more products have been added since then. Peggy's Chocolate Factory was created in 2009, giving me an easier and closer place to work.

Peggy's Handmade Chocolates are sold at some retail outlets, bazaars, events, cat shows, dog shows, wine festivals, and fundraisers in the Vancouver and surrounding area. Click here for the Calendar of Events. Chocolates are also available by special order. They are still all made by hand only by me!