Peggy's Handmade Chocolates
Made in Vancouver, Washington, USA!
Boxed Assortments
Four-piece Boxed Assortment
Four-piece Boxed Assortment......... $7
Boxes are either all dark and all milk. Box includes one caramels, one sea salt caramel, one Mt. Hood Minis and one solid.

Eight-piece Boxed Assortment
Eight-piece Boxed Assortment......... $14
Boxes have one dark and one milk caramel, one of each sea salt caramels, one of each Mt. Hood Minis and one of each solid.

Caramel Collection
Six-piece Caramel Collection............. $13
One dark and one milk each of caramels, sea salt caramels, and Mt. Hood Minis.

Twelve-piece Boxed Assortment
Twelve-piece Boxed Assortment......... $26
Boxes have two dark and two milk caramels, two dark and two milk sea salt caramels, and two dark and two milk Mt. Hood Minis.

Create Your Custom Box
This feature is available by calling or emailing. .