Peggy's Handmade Chocolates

Chocolates will be made as needed for special orders, for my retail outlets, and for a limited supply for inventory. Fewer items will be available as in-stock inventory. A smaller selection will be available at the Farmers Markets and events. Products may be ordered the week before and picked up at the Farmers Markets and events.

But chocolates will no longer be made almost every week. Also, fewer days will scheduled for the Farmers Markets. More than likely, the chocolate factory will be operated once a month, the week a market or event is scheduled.

When scheduled, chocolates will be made on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Chocolates will not be made Thursdays through Sundays. Most chocolates need three days to set correctly, so they must be started on Monday. Delivery or pickup times will be negotiated. Shipping is done as soon as possible after the order has been completed.

Peggy's Handmade Chocolates is for sale. It would be wonderful to find that special someone who would want to continue what I have begun. Someone who would enjoy the artistry of being a chocolatier without having to start from the beginning. Click here for more information.

Peggy's Handmade Chocolates are worth it!!   Place your order by following the ordering instructions!

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